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  • Accessible to all ages, backgrounds and nationalities
  • Crowd sizes: 10 – 500
  • Work-time events and Christmas/Holiday parties
  • Big and small companies choose us – check out our testimonials
  • Available anywhere in the world!

  • Masters Of The Quiz Night Canada's #1 professional virtual trivia company.
  • 1000+ Trivia Events Hosted We've asked well over 25,000 questions!
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Make your team happy with a virtual trivia event!

Welcome to Quiz Coconut! When it comes to trivia nights, we aspire to be the best provider in Toronto and Southern Ontario. If you are searching for fun new corporate events to entertain the staff or set up a team building activity, we can help!

We offer fun, inclusive, professional and authentic British quiz nights. For groups of up to 500, we can engage your team virtually or in-person. You can rely on us to bring you the best trivia events in  Toronto!

Our happy clients include

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Online Trivia Events

Great news – we’ve adapted our corporate events in to online trivia events for the team! Perfect for these times of social distancing and remote work, we can re-engage the team online with quiz events suitable for all. If you need to re-energise your workforce virtually, wherever they are in the world, this could be the answer! Using Zoom, we set up the virtual event for you and send links so you can invite the team. We’ve developed an exciting burst of interactive virtual trivia that lasts just under one hour, so you can fit it easily in to your schedule. It won’t demand too much time from your remote workers, and will give the opportunity to promote some friendly rivalry! You can see everyone’s faces as they gets answers right or wrong – these online virtual trivia sessions certainly raise a few smiles…


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5* Reviews


Outrageous Suits

Sara M.
23:46 05 Nov 20
Had so much fun attending Trivia Night, hosted by James! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to host a fun games night for their company!
anjali P.
22:56 28 Oct 20
The host, James, had amazing energy that made trivia with him super fun. He had a fantastic virtual set up with a variety of question types to help get people involved in a virtual trivia night and was able to determine the winner right away; no waiting for score tabulations. Super simple for anyone to participate in and a lot of fun!
Elyse R.
22:54 28 Oct 20
Thank you James, amazing night! We all enjoyed having fun with you. I would definitely recommend!
Max R.
16:54 15 Oct 20
Incredible! It was so fun! 🙂
Catherine T.
00:32 15 Oct 20
Alexis T.
00:32 15 Oct 20
00:31 15 Oct 20
Mathieu M.
00:30 15 Oct 20
<3 loved this! such a good host
Summer S.
01:32 06 Oct 20
Quality coronavirus entertainment!
Carson F.
23:03 01 Oct 20
Crystal T.
23:03 01 Oct 20
Taspia W.
23:00 01 Oct 20
Ryan M.
23:00 01 Oct 20
Great job hosting a virtual trivia! Super fun way to connect the team in a work from home world!
19:05 16 Sep 20
Lots of fun with our office colleagues. Thanks James!
Kate S.
21:38 20 Aug 20
Amazing! Felt good reconnecting with my colleagues for something light and FUN!
Kuzivakwashe M.
21:38 20 Aug 20
Fun quiz!
Milind J.
21:37 20 Aug 20
Kim D.
21:35 20 Aug 20
Rosie G.
00:10 14 Aug 20
Kristy D.
00:05 14 Aug 20
Hannah G.
00:05 14 Aug 20
Anne-Marie T.
00:05 14 Aug 20
The online trivia event was great and everyone had a lot of fun, and you kept it to exactly an hour, which is very impressive!I think the format was excellent, very hard to Google, which I think is only fair. You have the perfect game show host personality as well, and kept it upbeat and rolling along - not an easy thing to do I know!I would recommend for any business or personal event, James was a wonderful host and really kept everyone engaged and entertained. It was a good value for us and he had no problem keeping close to 30 of us rolling in an online Zoom event.
J B.
19:14 13 Aug 20
Great Time!! Many Quiz Fun Times!!
Avery H.
00:11 08 Aug 20
We didn't know what to expect by hosting a virtual quiz event with some of our staff, but James did a wonderful job! Relevant to all age groups, efficient, entertaining, and well organized. We would love to participate again.
13:31 26 Jun 20
Held an event for my team at work and it was great! Very easy to set up and everyone had a fantastic time.
Jason M.
16:20 12 Jun 20
This is an excellent idea for a company event. We did a 90 minute quiz and interactive session for our holiday party and everyone had an absolute blast. Thanks Quiz Coconut!
Laurie H.
21:43 18 Dec 19
We had Luke come in and run the trivia for us and he did absolutely phenomenal job!! Everyone was super happy and called it one of the best socials we’ve had. Luke certainly went above and beyond, had us all entertained and even moved tables/chairs around for us to set up the room.I can definitely see us having Quiz Coconut at future Deloitte events!
Hamza M.
00:05 18 Dec 19
We used James at Quiz Coconut for our annual leadership conference and he was definitely the hit of the day. He was very professional and extremely entertaining. It brought a competitive, fun, team building atmosphere that our staff will keep talking about for months/years to come.I would definitely recommend Quiz Coconut to anyone looking for a great team building event.
Matthew L.
15:53 04 Dec 19
Always have a blast at the pub trivia James does every Tuesday. Gets your mind thinking on a whole range of topics, but isn't crazy difficult -- just the right amount of challenging. Lots of fun and always a good time!
Vince M.
18:29 15 May 19
great fun! this was our third time, and we will be back again!
michael B.
14:05 15 May 19
We have a great time every Tuesday night! James is very entertaining, charismatic, super friendly. The questions are fun, and topical. Will be coming back for a long time coming.
Alana S.
01:54 15 May 19
Best trivia in the city, hands down!!!! Great questions, great variety, not crazy fast paced or insanely difficult like some others we've tried - James and his team of hosts are very fun and put up with a lot of good natured ribbing. Highly highly recommend.
Jackie C.
00:52 15 May 19
James is a great host and the quiz is a guaranteed fun time for all!
Laura D.
00:50 15 May 19
James is the best. 'Nuff said
Mark S.
00:46 15 May 19
Tyler V.
23:23 14 May 19
Jo-Anna B.
23:21 14 May 19
Excellent experience! We booked Quiz Coconut for our office Christmas party and everyone enjoyed it (which makes me look good as the organizer). We have a varied age group to appeal to and James was able to put together a quiz that everyone could participate in and even personalized it a bit for our office. Very professional yet entertaining. Would definitely recommend Quiz Coconut to others looking for a fun entertaining and/or team building event.
Traci Y
14:28 13 Dec 18
Thank you James for hosting such a great quiz event for us and our client! Everyone said they had so much fun!! It's not the first time I participated in an even hosted by you, and every time you master it to a new level and surprise with new ideas. Such a pleasure to have you hosting an event!
Olga T.
16:05 12 Dec 18
We were looking for something different and engaging for our Annual Dinner entertainment. James got our entire group interacting and having a wonderful time, even though not everyone knew each other. No matter your age or background, you can have a fun, active part in the trivia. Highly recommended!
Carolyn B.
15:45 03 Dec 18
We booked James for our team building activity at a conference and we cannot recommend him and Quiz Coconut enough! The questions were great, the interactive components were a great touch and the creative challenge really got everyone involved. We had a large group at 50 and it's hard to find team activities - this was the perfect fit and James was so wonderful to deal with. So easy to plan - thanks again!
Laura D.
15:55 23 Nov 18
We loved having you and the quiz night is all that people have been talking about today! Nothing but positive feedback saying it is the best event we have ever had. Someone asked me if you did anything else so that we could have you at our next event.You made our Social Committee look wonderful and you did all the work.
Maureen K.
16:15 14 Nov 18
This was brilliant, the owner was on form. My whole team said this was money well spent on our offsite office party!
Andrew H.
19:55 14 Jul 18
Fun and challenging, James engages the crowd for real friendly competition and ensures everyone has a chance to participate. We had a table of out-of-towners next to us, and James made sure they felt welcome and understand the local idioms.
Sarah R.
02:06 18 Apr 18
Very good corporate event provider, fun, energetic and great jokes. Would recommend James and Quiz Coconut!
Andrew H.
23:35 12 Apr 18
Gord M.
01:54 22 Nov 17
The most fun I’ve ever had!We try to get to a quiz a week.
laura J.
01:53 22 Nov 17
Andrew L.
01:49 22 Nov 17
Mike M.
16:54 20 Nov 17
Amazing experience had a lot of fun. Would love to have James come again!!! Thank you so much for the laughs and the good time!!
Candice A.
02:15 18 Nov 17
Definitely the most fun bar trivia in Toronto.
Rob C.
21:19 17 Nov 17
We had such a fun morning with James. This was one of the best PD experiences I’ve had. Definitely recommend for a team building session or for a fun experience with your friends.
Robyn C.
17:32 17 Nov 17
James is a funny, engaging guy who creates a really fun atmosphere. We had a blast! And the awesome English accent doesn't hurt one bit! Thanks for some much-needed laughs this morning, James!
Shannon P.
17:32 17 Nov 17
Lots of fun! Well thought out so that so people of different ages and interests could contribute and we had to work together as a team. I learned new things and got to hear a sexy accent doing it!
Sara D.
17:30 17 Nov 17
I really enjoyed my PD ice breaker with James. My colleagues and I had a great time working together to answer the questions. We had a really fun time. Thanks James.
Erin P.
17:29 17 Nov 17
Had a great time at a work event!! James was pleasant, engaging and FUN!! Can’t reccomend enough! Great for a team building activity or just for a fun party game!
R C.
17:16 17 Nov 17
We had so much fun, James was very good keeping the vibes up and encouraging us to play, it was the best way to start our day, we all left with a smile on our face.
Yara G.
17:00 17 Nov 17
So much fun!! James is an awesome host, witty, hilarious and the questions are fun. Had a great time!!!!
Katie M.
16:58 17 Nov 17
James was very energetic and fun. I'd definitely recommend him for events. I may have not known many of the answers but had a good good time and had lots of laughs.
Carrie S.
15:52 17 Nov 17
James was sooo much fun and the accent made it even better. Great ice breaker during our PD day activity. It’s hard to engage everyone in such a large group but he was able too. Awesome Job 🙌🏾🙌🏾
15:42 17 Nov 17
Had fun on my pd day with him on November 17th... Marilyn i have no idea what your talking about... great experience I'll have him at any of my events.... Good job James....
Dwight L.
15:39 17 Nov 17
Had the greatest time! James is witty, fun and his questions were creative and challenging! Definitely going to do this again!
Emily M.
15:31 17 Nov 17
James brings a lot of pep to quiz nights. Great entertainment and very well managed.
Scott P.
20:48 07 Jun 17
Such fun! Love quiz nights with James. So much laughing and learning of some really random facts!
Caroline S.
04:39 07 Jun 17
He is the dopest of them all.
Maggie S.
02:01 07 Jun 17
Jayme R.
02:00 07 Jun 17
Love dis guy. Great host!
Michelle P.
02:00 07 Jun 17
Emilie H.
23:19 30 May 17
I've been to multiple nights. Excellent host and great level of quiz questions. The interactive rounds are pretty great. I would highly recommend.
Charlie K.
15:01 08 Feb 17
Great events, a cheap and very entertaining night out. Questions are a good mix of general knowledge so you don't have to be Canadian to participate. For anyone from the UK this is a pub quiz.
A S.
14:48 08 Feb 17
Jim N.
13:50 08 Feb 17
The best quiz night in Toronto by far! Would recommend to all.
Mackenzie R.
09:04 12 Jan 17
James is an awesome host. Participating in the quiz is an amazing way to spend an evening in Toronto.
Idana V.
17:56 04 Jan 17
Love Quiz Coconut.... Host and owner James is so fun, energetic and creative.... Trivia with a twist!!
Amanda B.
04:13 21 Dec 16
An engaging host who provides multiple fun activities and lots of laughter throughout the night (very important as some traditional quizzes can seem agonisingly long and become quite monotonous with dwindling interest towards the end). This is a cool, modern twist on a Quiz night, and I will definitely return to another (maybe again and again). Great prizes on offer and constantly changing it up!
Paulo A.
17:54 19 Dec 16
Brian N
17:52 19 Dec 16
Gill G.
17:49 19 Dec 16
I was so happy with booking Quiz Coconut for my event, James is great entertainer and the service is really polished. We didn't know quite what to expect but it exceeded our expectations massively. The balance of questions was spot on and it was an affordable & professional way to have fun!
The Impressive P.
18:09 20 Oct 16

What Our Clients Say

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