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The 11 Best Corporate Team Building Event Ideas Toronto

best corporate event ideas toronto trivia

The 11 Best Corporate Team Building Event Ideas Toronto

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The 11 Best Corporate Team Building Event Ideas Toronto

Are you an executive assistant tasked with organizing the next social event? Has the boss demanded a team building activity is in order? Here are some of the current best corporate event ideas & team building solutions to choose from!

Some are easier to arrange than others, over a range of budgets. Let’s have a look – in no particular order!

1. Party boat cruise
Ahoy there matey! One of the best corporate event ideas in the city – party boats offer corporate rates and available for private parties. Take a ride for beautiful view of Toronto and the islands. If you drink too much you can blame it on seasickness… The Stella Borealis and Tall Ship Kajama are the most popular options.

2. Karaoke

Check out Bar + Karaoke, a no-frills karaoke lounge at Yonge & Gerrard. It’s about $50 per hour for a 25-person room. Release the inner Mariah Carey and let rip! Did you know ‘karaoke’ translates as ’empty orchestra’?

3. Hilarious ‘Pub Quiz style’ Trivia

It’s NOT a large session of Trivial Pursuit, more a British pub quiz with trivia, music and jokes. Team up with your crack team of workmates and try to smash the HR team out of the park! Office rivalry, banter & knowledge combined in one easy to organise, hassle-free and cost effective solution. Quiz Coconut has an authentic British host for extra gravitas. Check out Quiz Coconut to find out more about one of Toronto’s best corporate event ideas!

best corporate event ideas trivia

4. Beer Lesson
Do you know your IBUs from your IOUs? Available to rent the space out and fit in up to 200 people, sign up for a beer tasting session at Batch. They have brewery tours – also do full-on brewery tours for large groups.

5. Bowling

The Ballroom is Toronto’s only (as far as I know) downtown alley. Bowling’s been done many times, but it makes this list as it still seems a popular corporate event idea in the city.

6. Escape from Casa Loma
Escape Rooms are ten-a-penny and there is a deluge of average offerings in Toronto. The one in Casa Loma is different with themed actors as you try to solve pretty taxing problems in this Prohibition themed dungeon escape!

7. Axe Throwing
Well, this IS Canada! The Backyard Axe Throwing League. Threaten your colleagues with your axe and dominate the office water cooler for life. Either visit Port Lands or the other on Sterling Road.

best corporate event ideas axe

8. Creative Ideas
The Shop Toronto is a multi-idea creative space focusing on design and crafts. Get to know your colleagues by seeing what they come up with when their creative juices start flowing. You can even sell your creations through their online shop.

9. Barista Training
Propeller Coffee roasting in the Junction or Pilot Roastery (east side) offers events including learning how to buy beans and roast coffee as well as coffee cuppings and brew demos.

10. Cooking Class
This learning experience helps you to make your own fantastic dishes. Dish near Dupont and Spadina offers fun corporate team building ideas. Up to 40 people can take the course at once, which includes wine and snacks, an hour of cooking, and then a full-service sit down dinner of your own creation.

11. Archery tag

Head over to Archery District for this high energy corporate event idea! Less team building, more team destroying… Venues in Toronto and Mississauga.

best corporate event ideas archery


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