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Are you looking for corporate events Toronto? If so then welcome. Our events are a great way to entertain the team! If you are searching for fun new corporate events Toronto area to entertain the staff or set up a team building activity, we can help! We offer fun, inclusive and professional corporate trivia nights based in Toronto and the GTA. All Toronto corporate events are totally unique and bespoke in nature. You can rely on us to bring you the best in corporate entertainment and fun.

How Are Corporate Events Organized?

Quiz Coconut’s corporate events Toronto are totally hands off – we can come to your place of work or chosen venue and you can leave the entertaining and fun to us. Our quiz encourages team building and group participation. Let us stir up that office rivalry and see who takes the bragging rights back to the office the next day!

A typical event includes questions and music with interactive and creative challenges. It’s the perfect fit for a staff party or entertaining clients. So allow Quiz Coconut to be the trivia company with the answer to your next work event or offsite!

Do You Host Corporate Events Toronto wide?

We cover Toronto and the GTA, and have held corporate events in many other areas of Toronto. We’ve been to Thunder Bay, Blue Mountain, Mont Tremblant and beyond to host quizzes… we love to spread the trivia phenomenon all across Canada!


Who Have You Performed Corporate Events For?

We are proud to have worked with companies such as…

This 67-second video explains it all!

All Ages

Our corporate event idea is suitable for ALL ages.

We’ve held quizzes for students, the elderly, and everything in between. The content is broad, covering wide timelines of knowledge. The music round features elements from the classical era, through the 50’s and every decade after that right up to music from 2016.

Backgrounds & Nationalities

Our corporate event idea is suitable for ALL backgrounds and nationalities.

No one leaves feeling stupid, or uncomfortable because they feel they’ve enjoyed it less because their knowledge doesn’t cover Canadian TV shows from the 1960s. In a diverse area like Toronto, our corporate trivia events are tried and tested to be accessible to newcomers and natives alike, with worldly knowledge and music.

We don’t swear or over indulge on smuttiness, or have anything that would bring anyones’ beliefs into discussion.


We can accommodate almost anyone for our corporate events Toronto-wide.

With our offering, people can get involved as much as they like. They can completely embarrass themselves in front of the crowd, or not leave the table as they desire. There is no need to move or get up from the table if the player does not want to.

We’ve held customized events for a blind society, anything is possible! We try to welcome all interested clients, regardless.


Where Are Most Trivia Events Held?

We are based in Toronto and cover the GTA area. We can hold your team building quiz at your place of work, in a bar or other suitable venue. We can even suggest places we’ve used in the past. You can leave it up to us to liaise with the venue beforehand to ensure everything is in place.

It’s a corporate event idea with flexibility!

Will You Go To Mississauga, Hamilton or Oshawa...?

The trivia corporate event idea is spreading beyond Toronto and we’ve been as far as Thunder Bay, and Quebec! We are one trivia company that is happy to travel to bring trivia events to the nation, so whether it’s Iqaluit or Kamloops – don’t let that stop your enquiry!

Isn't It Too Early To Book A Christmas-time Event?

No ho ho ho! We get very busy with Christmas season bookings so book early to avoid disappointment. Corporate event planning for seasonal team building activities starts in the summer of 2017, and our calendar gets packed in November and December.

We limit the amount of events we put on to maintain a high level of quality and are booked on a first-come-first-serve basis. There may be cases where we’re unable to offer our services even if we have provided you with a quote.


Check availability with us here.

How Much Do Your Corporate Events Cost?

The needs of each client vary, so cost depends on time, number of participants and any custom requests. We can give you a quote for our team building events on the spot, please contact us by email or phone for a quote, or visit our pricing page for more information.

We are cost-effective and compare favourably to other ideas such as an escape room.

Can You Provide References?

Yes! Our corporate event Toronto testimonials can be found here and we are happy to provide contacts of satisfied company clients upon request.

Do We Need To Provide Anything?

No! We bring all the materials and audio equipment. We also have performers’ insurance Canada-wide.

You may like to supply a prize or two…


45 minutes
  • Trivia, Pictures & Music
  • Short burst of entertainment to boost spirits
  • Perfect interlude for a day of meetings
  • $5-25 per head


90 minutes
  • More trivia & an interactive challenge
  • Comprises complete variety of rounds
  • Perfect for after-dinner or after-work entertainment
  • $10-30 per head


2 Hours
  • Trivia, music, interactive and bonus rounds
  • Can be customized to your themes
  • Perfect stand alone event - can also work around meals
  • $10-30 per head

Masters of Ceremonies

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Corporate Events Toronto – Globally Friendly, Accessible And Inclusive

Our corporate events centre on the traditional ‘pub quiz night’ experience, or trivia as it is often referred to. The pub quiz style means that players can participate as much as they would like to – from sitting at the table for the entire time to getting up and embarrassing themselves in front of the office.

Toronto Team Building Events Are For Everyone!

The team building events are designed to accommodate all backgrounds, ages and nationalities. We live in a diverse city and we have entertained people with backgrounds from all corners of the globe!

Accessible Corporate Events Toronto

Absolutely. We can set up our corporate trivia night wherever you would like and can cater for most disabilities. We want to remove the barriers to having fun and this is one pub quiz company who will make every effort for that.

Our Corporate Events Toronto are 100% Reliable!

Out of all the corporate events we have hosted, we’ve attended 100%. When you book a team building pub quiz trivia event with us, we will not let you down! Ask any of our clients and they’ll back us up.

Pub Quiz = Trivia Night

James is from Britain, the home of the pub quiz. In most of the rest of the world, it’s called Trivia. Either way, you’ll get an authentic, professional British style quiz and quizmaster with the expertise and experience you would expect when you book a corporate event of this kind.


“I contracted Quiz Coconut for a corporate leadership event. I wasn’t sure how the idea  would be received – needless to say, it was a home run. James has an engaging quality and a knack for playing to his audience (diverse ages, backgrounds, etc). He was organized, professional and very easy to work with”

Marc M, Hydro One

Marc M, Hydro One


“Hi James, 

I want to thank you again – the group loved it and have been getting amazing feedback here! 

Everyone had a great time and enjoyed every second!”

Jessi S, Remax

Jessi S, Remax

Events Manager

“I have heard only good things about the trivia night. Your personality and spirit were a wonderful addition to our off-site”

Diane S, Hoffman-La Roche

Diane S, Hoffman-La Roche

HR Director

“The feedback is all positive! The guys loved the format and creative element, I thought the pace and length of the quiz went down well and time flew by so fast! Without a doubt I would definitely use Quiz Coconut in the future!”

Lisa M, Facebook

Lisa M, Facebook

Global Sales

“I’ve been to several Quiz Coconut events and was very impressed. The nights were very well organized and despite being very busy/crowded everything ran smoothly each time. The questions were all at the perfect mix of challenging but not impossible, and many asked in a way that would make it difficult for people to be sneaky and Google the answers! I’ve recommended to colleagues and friends and plan to go again”

Charlie K, Bank Of Montreal

Charlie K, Bank Of Montreal


“We loved the variety, the energy and the music! It was excellent value for money and the difficulty level was spot on.”

Dana C, Nilfisk

Dana C, Nilfisk

Marketing Manager, Nilfisk

“Quiz Coconut provided entertainment at our annual divisional off-site meeting in Blue Mountain, Ontario. As Quizmaster, James was brilliant. His trivia was fun, inclusive, and required minimal work from our end. He runs a well organized, turn-key operation and pays close attention to input you provide about how you envision the event! I would happily recommend his services to other companies looking to add variety to their holiday/team building events!”

Brian G, Hoffman La-Roche

Brian G, Hoffman La-Roche

HR Generalist

“I want to recommend the great work that James did for us at a company quiz night we held in May. The night was very well-received by our employees who attended and our committee found the questions to be the right tone for a work event”

Fiona M, Royal Bank of Canada

Fiona M, Royal Bank of Canada


“A massive thank you for all the effort you put in to our event. We often struggle to find team activities where participants can choose how much effort they put in to each round. The interactive round was very amusing and kept engagement high. We couldn’t have asked for any more!”

Eden M, Abbott

Eden M, Abbott

Events Manager, CVD

“It was absolutely brilliant, I’ve had no end of compliments from various people across the business who came last night!“

Sharan H, Disney

Sharan H, Disney


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