‘In-Person’ Events

The 9 Most Common Questions Answered

What Happens At A Virtual Event?

An overview to our game show virtual events

Virtual Events FAQ

Do people play as a team or individually?

This is a team-based event and it engages every person simultaneously.

Do we need to prepare anything?

Just split your group in to equal sized teams in advance. Ensure they have a line of communication set up for discussing answers, such as Slack, WhatsApp, Facetime, Skype, Teams or equivalent.

We have a diverse group. Is this suitable?

Sure is! Our content is tried and tested on varied crowds of all ages and backgrounds. No one feels left out!

What if we are new to Zoom?

There is just one link to click, and the host will give a quick ‘how-to’ before we start. The event room opens 15 minutes early for anyone who needs help.

Can you use any other program than Zoom?

In our experience, Zoom is best for this. It’s the most widely used and the easiest to navigate. In MS Teams, you can only have 9 videos going at once and Google Hangouts is limited. Webex has good functionality, but from our events Zoom seems to be popular.

How do we submit our answers?

One person on the team will be the ‘answer form filler’ and be given access to a simple Google form.

Won't competing teams hear our answers?

Good question! The host will mute all participants so you can discuss your answers with only your team via the other communication line without everyone in the main Zoom room hearing what you are saying.

Do you use break out rooms?

Unfortunately, break out rooms don’t work for this, as the host can not be in all break out rooms simultaneously. Also, when you have 50+ people, managing the break out rooms becomes very fiddly and time consuming!

Will we have a good time?

Yes! Check our testimonials. One recent team said “they hadn’t had fun on Zoom for four months” until their Quiz Coconut event!

What if we have a technology problem?

It can happen. Power cuts and other unforeseen technology issues can get in the way, but thankfully not very often. If drama happens, we try to have a back-up computer on hand to relaunch the Zoom system with alternative means, and if not, we will reschedule your event.

People's perceptions of Zoom meetings are negative. How can you overcome this?

This is our wheel house! We put more energy into the tiny camera on our computers for your benefit than you’ve seen since lockdown started. Allow us to bring a game show atmosphere, laughs and banter to your remote workers’ homes!

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