Virtual Event Pricing

The Game Show

Up to 75 people

Trivia quiz, music & challenges people do remotely

Fits within and hour

Works best for work-time fun or social events


subject to HST

The Virtual Spectacular

Up to 500 people

60-90 Minutes, extra challenges & games

Works best for standalone events or office parties

Customized content

$4-10 per head

subject to HST

"In-Person Events" - availability dependent on Covid-19 restrictions - please enquire directly with us.

Prices range from $10-$40 per head, depending on size, location and date of event (based on crowds of 25-300).


45-60 minutes
  • Trivia, pictures & music
  • Short burst of entertainment to boost spirits
  • Perfect interlude for a day of meetings
  • $5-40 per head


90 minutes
  • Trivia, pictures, music and an interactive challenge
  • Complete variety of rounds
  • Perfect for after-dinner or after-work entertainment
  • $10-40 per head


2+ Hours
  • Trivia, pictures, music, interactive challenges and bonus rounds
  • Customized content
  • Perfect stand alone event or can work around your schedule
  • $15-40 per head

COVID-19: Now Offering Virtual Christmas Party Events!