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Welcome a new coconut – Caroline joins the team!

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We have a new coconut!

I met Caroline at a Brits in Toronto meet up when I first moved to Canada and she mentioned she’d like to try quiz hosting. She then started working for the Blue Jays which put her out of action most evenings! In March she became a Toronto trivia event host and took the reins at the Stone Lion whilst I was back in England. You can find her account of it at her blog:

She tried presenting a few questions at one of the trivia nights I was hosting. I showed her how to set up the sound equipment and introduced her to the lovely staff. The quiz is written and formatted for her so she doesn’t need to worry about that. It’s down to her to put her energy and enthusiasm behind the quiz to give the customers an enjoyable and fun evening. And she nailed it! We experienced our joint largest ever crowd with many punters returning because she did so well.

Whether in London or Toronto we’re always on the look out for great hosts to join the team. Some of our hosts have a background in performing, whilst others do it purely for fun (and the ego boost of controlling the microphone).

Whether it’s a weekly trivia night in a nearby pub in the GTA, or after some additional training, a corporate entertainment event for one of our clients, it’s a thrill to be a quiz master! With the audience hanging on your every word…(sometimes)… it’s ideal to boost confidence, improve public speaking and furthermore increase your attractiveness to admirers*.

*in some cases.

Become a Toronto trivia event host:

Do you think you have what it takes? Can you see yourself presenting a corporate event or weekly trivia night? Email me with a résumé and I’ll be in touch!


Toronto Trivia Event Host Caroline
Toronto Trivia Event Host Caroline

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