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Online Team Building Events

Great news – we’ve adapted our corporate events in to online trivia events for the team! Perfect for these times of social distancing and remote work, we can offer virtual team building with quiz events suitable for all. If you need to re-energise your workforce virtually, wherever they are in the world, this could be the answer! Using Zoom, we set up the virtual event for you and send links so you can invite the team. We’ve developed an exciting burst of interactive virtual trivia that lasts just under one hour, so you can fit it easily in to your schedule. It won’t demand too much time from your remote workers, and will give the opportunity to promote some friendly rivalry! You can see everyone’s faces as they gets answers right or wrong – these virtual online trivia sessions certainly raise a few smiles…

Our Virtual Trivia Events Encourage Team Building

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Setting Up Your Event Is Easy

Our virtual events work best for groups of up to around 40 people, though we have catered for as few as 10. Whatever the number we can quiz your team online whether it’s in one group or various sessions. If you have a really large group we can set up multiple events, or create a virtual quiz league. If you need more than one event, then the price per quiz comes down, and you can be sure the content is fresh for each session! Check out some of our testimonials here. Why not establish a recurring monthly virtual team building trivia league and keep your team happy even after social distancing ends? 

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